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Waterproof LED Fingerless Gloves - Durable and Practical

Waterproof LED Fingerless Gloves - Durable and Practical

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A Must Have and Pretty Neat Gadget!  

Light up your fingertips with a hands-free flash torch, perfect for repairs and fishing without any drops

Comfortable stretched material, with position adjustable magic strap Cool gloves make you a spy at night. Easy turn on and off.  

LED Flashlight Gloves Provide A Third Helping Hand. The Perfect Solution for Those Dark Moments

If you need to use both hands for a task in the dark, such as riding a bike or working indoors or outdoors, holding a flashlight can be inconvenient. But with LED flashlight gloves, you can work comfortably while illuminating your work area hands-free

These gloves come with two CR2016 batteries included, ensuring you are never caught unprepared.


  • Keep your hands-free to focus on your work
  • The upgrade LED light is more directed adequate for your task
  • The batteries are replaceable that the LED fishing gloves can be reused for a long time
  • Stretchable finger-less gloves. One size fits most.
  • Cool gadget gifts ideas for men & women

For Indoor Outdoor Use
The lighted gloves are convenient and handy finger-less gloves with 2 LED lights built on index and thumb fingers.


Last for a long time

Flashlights gloves last about 16 hours and you can simply replace the button battery with the screwdriver.

It is multi-functional and can be used for many activities during the night, such as reading in the bed or working on a computer without turning on the lights and disturbing the roommate, repairing car jeep motorcycle in the garage, dog walking, patrol, fishing, hunting, riding and many more.


  • Ample light for outdoor activities like fishing, cycling
  • The lights on fingertips can free the hands when working or repairing
  • Provide a good view while we're running
  • Offer adequate lights for us to focus on things

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